Joining The English Benedictine Congregation

A school of the Lord’s service

Joining Us

Joining Us

A School of the Lord’s Service

Monastic life is not for everybody. It is possible to serve God and lead a fulfilling spiritual life elsewhere in the Church. Yet for those who feel drawn to answer God’s invitation, a monastic vocation can provide the basis of a truly fulfilling life. But we must be prepared to listen.

Listen and Learn

Benedict saw the monastery as a place of learning.  He believed that it should provide the perfect environment in which those seeking a closer communion with God can flourish. All God asks is that we should be prepared to listen. The balance and rhythm of monastic life helps us to grow in attentiveness to the call of God, as it comes to us in prayer, in our brethren and in the circumstances daily lives.

Experience our Communities

A vague attraction to the monastic way of life can be an important element in a monastic vocation. But a call to the monastic life is never something abstract: God calls us to a particular community. Discernment of any vocation must happen in dialogue with a guide experienced in the life. On the Directory page of this site, you can find the contact details of the Novice Masters or Mistresses of our communities.