The English Benedictine Congregation

A school of the Lord’s service




Dom Mark Barrett (Worth)
Solomon’s Temple or Abraham’s Tent (Revisited). Do we shape our buildings, or do our buildings shape us?

Dame Joanna Jamieson (Stanbrook)
A Thin Space Evolves. Moving Stanbrook Abbey from Worcestershire to Wass

Mr Colin Amery (RIBA)
Contemplating the contemporary monastic environment. A virtual tour of monastic Europe

Professor Ewan Clayton (Sunderland University)
Supportive space: patterns of embodiment


Br Eric Varden O.C.S.O.(Mount St Bernard)
“Let nothing be put before the Work of God”. Why not?

Abbot Hugh Gilbert (Pluscarden)
Abbatial Authority and Monastic Accountability: Religious Obedience in the 21st century

Dom Colin Battell (Ampleforth)
Eunuchs for the sake of the Kingdom: a reflection on celibacy in the light of monastic tradition and experience

Dom Dermot Tredget (Douai)
Otia Monastica: some reflections on leisure and work in the context of contemporary monastic practice

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