The English Benedictine Congregation

A school of the Lord’s service



The Ordo is of the celebrations observed in the abbeys of the Congregation. The dependent houses (especially the parishes) also have local diocesan celebrations to observe.

The Sundays and Easter Season usually take precedence over the days listed here. To see the full details, download the PDF file at the head of each month.

  • SOLEMNITIES (feasts of the highest rank) & SUNDAYS are in uppercase letters.
  • Feasts are called such in their title.
  • Memorials are in plain text.
  • Optional memorials are in italics. If they are not celebrated, the feria is kept instead.
  • Ferial days are the ‘ordinary’ days of the season in which they fall.
  • In Lent and in the last eight days of Advent all memorials become optional commemorations and are shown in italics.

NB If a celebration has an abbey’s or country’s name in brackets succeeding it, then it is only observed in that house (or perhaps in its dependent houses) or country.

Download Ordo

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